Nighttime Nourish

Stay inside & melt into relaxation with three of our most loved self-care essentials. With our decadently scented Sense Massage Oil to offer deep relief, Sleep Sweet Salve to moisturize & encourage restful sleep, & Lavender Lip Balm to keep your smile glowing ~ this is what dreams are made of


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Sense Massage Oil

Extra-strength full-spectrum CBD, naturally anti-inflammatory botanicals, & organic essential oils  combine to provide  a profoundly therapeutic experience for both mind & body.

Crafted with 400mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

from sustainably & organically grown Colorado hemp

When To Use +

Use daily on areas of pain, inflammation, & tension

Try rubbing the massage oil head to toe just after a hot shower for whole body relaxation & soft, restored skin

How To Use +

Apply massage oil liberally to body

& rub with love until full absorbed

Cup hands over nose, inhale deeply & smile

Sleep Sweet Salve - 2 oz

Our Sleep Sweet Salve is crafted with skin nourishing, muscle soothing , & mind relaxing botanicals to help you get the Zzz's you need & wake feeling restored

Blended with calming & grounding essential oils organic essential oils to help your body prepare for rest

When To Use +

Use just before bed or when

waking restless in the middle of the night

How To Use +

Apply topically to promote healthy blood

flow, relieve targeted pain, & restore skin

Rub on temples, behind the ears, or on pressure points to enhance relaxing benefits

Lavender Lip Balm

Hand-crafted using a synergistic mix of all-natural moisturizers that will leave your lips smooth, supple, & restored

Lavender is widely revered for its calming & balancing properties, as well as its healing affinity for skin

When To Use +

Use anytime your lips could use some goodness

How To Use +

Apply lip balm & smile

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