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Our go-to products for supporting the mind & body, day in & day out .

CBD Oil for balance, Bee Easy to help you

mellow out, & Bee Buzzin' to keep you focused

Add these 3 products to your routine to feel

your Winter world bloom like seeds in Spring


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CBD Oil provides sustainable support for the Endocannabinoid System, which plays a key role in modulating our response

to stress, relieving pain, & enhancing our mood

Crafted with 1,400mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

from sustainably & organically grown Colorado hemp

When To Use +

For best results use daily, day or night

How To Use +

Squeeze one dropper full under your tongue & swish for 30 seconds

Start with one dropper daily, and see how you feel.

For stronger support & relief gradually increase dosage.

Serving details: ~30mg CBD per dropper

Bee Easy Salve - 1 oz

Our Bee Easy Salve is crafted with skin nourishing, muscle soothing , & mind relaxing botanicals to help release tension & welcome peaceful moments

Blended with organic essential oils that will have you

taking a deep breath & smelling heavenly!

When To Use +

Use during times of stress & anxiety, or a

long day to soothe soreness, bring balance & relax

How To Use +

Apply topically to promote healthy blood

flow, relieve targeted pain, & restore skin

Rub on temples, behind the ears, or on pressure points to enhance relaxing benefits

Bee Buzzin' Roll-On

Our Bee Buzzin' Roll-on is made to awaken your senses & restore focus where & whenever you need a boost

Blended with organic essential oils that will leave you

refreshed & ready for the day

When To Use +

Use Bee Buzzin' in the morning, before a workout, or anytime you could use extra energy

How To Use +

Roll-on areas of pain & tension


Cup hands over nose after applying to stimulate focus & enhance energy

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