For your Body, For the Bees!

Meet Jimbo & Jules

We are Jimbo & Jules, two vibrant and joyful souls with a deep desire to help the people (& planet) around us find relief from pain and ease in life!


We started out making our salves for fun after we saw the products friends and family were using to cope with pain. We knew we could do it ourselves using only the best, carefully selected ingredients. It wasn't until we saw the glowing response from our family and friends that we decided to bring our products beyond our circle.


It didn't feel right, however, taking these magical materials from the Earth without giving something back. We both happen to have a deep-seated reverence for the honeybee. So, we thought we could use the success of our business, plus our own 4 hands, to plant pollinator flowers in areas where they've been replaced by urban development. Little did we know, our research would lead us to a deeper understanding of the plight of native plants in developed areas, and how the entire food web is suffering as a result. Thus, the Conscious Garden Project was born.


We are working to team up with like-minded organizations and individuals to get our hands dirty planting beautiful gardens full of native plants that will support the wonderful biodiversity that once existed in the lands we now call home.


 A little more about us outside of the business:

In addition to pouring loving energy into creating our Soothe n' Bloom products and planting gardens, we both have passions beyond the business. Jules is an avid  student of the power of energy work and mindfulness in healing. She teaches yoga and practices Rei Ki-based energy therapy, working every day to help others (and herself!) discover and love their true Self. Jimbo is an avid musician. He plays guitar, sings, and composes for the band Humbalaya, based out of College Park, MD, bringing funky, groovy music to fans all over the area. Jimbo is a deep believer in (and living example of) the healing power of music.

Both of us struggled for a long time from the debilitating effects of chronic injury and disease. Jimbo suffered from chronic headaches and neck pain as a result of multiple head injuries from sports, whereas Jules has worked through years of back and neck pain from a spinal injury in high school. Both of us also endured long-term Lyme disease. Luckily, this part of our lives is behind us; but we each now carry a heightened urgency to help others who are suffering. Products like ours greatly helped us manage our day to day symptoms, and continue to help us with the aches, pains, and stresses of daily life. We truly and deeply believe in the products we sell and the mission we strive for. Every product we make is infused with our focused intention, and all of our work is done with ethics, sustainability, and social consciousness in mind!