Restoring Our Relationship With Nature, One Garden At A Time

There’s no longer enough wild

in the world to provide our essential creatures with enough space & resources to thrive,

let alone survive. It’s time to reintegrate nature into our abundantly available spaces.

What spaces, you ask?


Our Yards!

Here’s the catch: it takes teamwork! Ecosystems are created through connection; wildlife doesn’t stay in one place. One yard full of native habitat doesn’t help if it’s surrounded by acres of sterile space. To give birds & bugs a chance, we need to work together!

Together we can rewrite the narrative for what our

yards can do for the Earth.

Even the smallest gardens,

when planted with intention,

can make a huge difference!


We maintain yards to have a connection to nature, so why not help that nature truly thrive?

We give wildflower seeds native to your region free with every order, so you can start the journey of transforming your yard into one bustling with life & beauty!

Connect with The Hive!



to show off your

seeds and conscious gardening efforts

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