Bee Easy Blend


Breathe Deep & Bee Easy with this balanced blend of essential oils crafted to help you relax. Our roll-ons are infused to soothe with full-spectrum CBD & sustainably sourced fractionated coconut oil for a smooth glide & quick absorption. Roll-on anytime you want to stress less.

Soothe Like Honey Blend

Full-spectrum CBD & sustainably

sourced botanicals combine to calm inflammation & soothe sore muscles 

For Your Body

For The Bees

Every purchase contributes to our

Conscious Garden Project,

working to restore our relationship

with nature, one garden at a time

How to use Roll-On Blends

Step 1: Apply salve to body, paying special attention

to areas of pain, irritation, or discomfort

Step 2: Massage into skin

Step 3: Cup hands over nose, inhale deeply

Step 4: Smile & relax as the CBD & essential oils

absorb, working their therapeutic magic

The Good Buzz:

Use Bee Buzzin' first thing in the morning, before a workout, or mid-day at the office to stimulate & elevate


fractionated coconut oil*

full-spectrum hemp oil

Bee Easy
Essential Oil Blend

frankincense*, lavender*, holy basil*, ylang ylang*, grapefruit*, bergamot*, wild marjoram*, vetiver*




The Synergy

Together, Full-Spectrum CBD & Essential Oils combine to create a benefit greater than the sum of their parts