Bee Easy Salve


Soothe pain, restore skin, & relax your mind with all-natural ingredients that enhance blood flow and ease inflammation. The creamy texture moisturizes as the relaxing aroma grounds & balances. Use daily for everything from achy muscles to dry hands.


All-natural ingredients high in

antioxidants, essential fatty acids, & oleic

acid to restore & lusciously moisturize skin


Full-spectrum CBD & sustainably

sourced botanicals combine to calm inflammation & soothe sore muscles 


Infused with uplifting & energizing

essential oils to give you a natural,

balanced boost when you need it most

For Your Body

For The Bees

Every purchase contributes to our

Conscious Garden Project,

working to restore our relationship

with nature, one garden at a time

How to use Salves

Step 1: Apply salve to body, paying special attention

to areas of pain, irritation, or discomfort

Step 2: Massage into skin

Step 3: Cup hands over nose, inhale deeply

Step 4: Smile & relax as the CBD & essential oils

absorb, working their therapeutic magic

The Good Buzz:

Use Bee Buzzin' first thing in the morning, before a workout, or mid-day at the office to stimulate & elevate


shea butter*


jojoba oil*

vitamin e

coconut oil*

hemp seed oil*

moringa oil*

olive oil*

fractionated coconut oil*

full-spectrum hemp oil

Bee Easy
Essential Oil Blend

frankincense*, lavender*, holy basil*, ylang ylang*, grapefruit*, bergamot*, wild marjoram*, vetiver*




The Synergy

Together, Full-Spectrum CBD & Essential Oils combine to create a benefit greater than the sum of their parts