Busy Bee Bundle


A match made in heaven for worker bees! Our CBD Oil to keep a busy body in balance, Bee Buzzin' Salve for an energizing yet soothing early morning self-massage, & Soothe Like Honey Roll-On Blend to ease achy neck & shoulder muscles.



CBD Oil provides sustainable support for the Endocannabinoid System, which plays a key role

in modulating our response to stress,

relieving pain, & enhancing mood

Crafted with 1,400mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract from sustainably & organically grown Colorado hemp

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Bee Buzzin' Salve - 1 oz


Our Bee Buzzin' Salve is crafted

with skin nourishing, muscle soothing ,

& mood enhancing botanicals to help

release tension & restore focus

Blended with organic essential oils that will refresh & energize!

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Soothe Like Honey Roll-On


Our Soothe Like Honey Roll-On is crafted using a potent blend of essential oils & CBD to ease pain & inflammation where applied

Blended with organic essential oils that

increase blood flow, helping the body

heal & recover

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For Your Body

For The Bees

Every purchase contributes to our

Conscious Garden Project,

working to restore our relationship

with nature, one garden at a time