Bring life and beauty to your garden with this hearty blend of wildflowers native to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Each seed packet contains 5 perennials for long-term growth and 13 of the regions most stunning annuals for first year blooms. This abundant mix will help:


- Enhance biodiversty & restore native habitat   

- Provide food for pollinators & other beneficial insects

- Give a burst of color all season long, year after year


One seed packet covers approximately 10 square feet. 

All seeds are non-GMO and neonictinoid-free.


What's in the mix?

Perennials: California Yarrow, Blue Flax, Sickle-keeled Lupine, Russell Lupine, Evening Primrose


Annuals: Baby Blue Eyes, Blazing Star, Bird's Eyes, California Bluebell, California Poppy, Chinese Houses, Farewell-to-Spring, Five Spot, Godetia, Globe Gilia, Mountain Phlox, Plains Coreopsis, Tidy Tips

Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seeds

  • 90% of insect species can only eat plants they have coevolved with. As these relationships take thousands of years to develop, imported plants generally do not support the life of local insects. This is often marketed as a good thing, and insects are branded as “pests” across the board. The reality is that most native insects are a crucial piece of the very complex and fragile food web that all beings rely on for life. Now is more important than ever to transform our perception of gardens from strictly aesthetic decorations to life-giving, abundant ecosystems.


    Check out our Conscious Garden Project for more statistics, resources, and more!

For your


What you put on your body should be as intentional as what you put in your body! Our products are comprised of all natural, chemical free, and sustainably & ethically-sourced ingredients. You already know we love bees; well, we love all other animals too, so the only animals we test on are ourselves.

Every product purchased contributes directly to our Conscious Garden Project 

working to educate and engage local communities on the importance of planting with intention. We believe we can change the world by working together to build gardens with both beauty and the needs of Mother Nature in mind!


Ratings & Reviews

I was a bit of a CBD skeptic, but this product has changed my tune. Taking J&J CBD each morning, I've felt lessened anxiety and greater mental clarity at work. I'd encourage others to give it a try :)

Jessica M


This stuff is sweet!

Using this product I've felt an amazing difference in the way I feel and show up in my day. Just a little in the morning and before bed and I feel much more well-rested, attentive, and overall just better. Awesome to support a good cause and a quality company!!

Dylan M


Absolutely Awesome!!

I’ve been taking J&J Ingestible CBD Oil for a couple of months now. After a few weeks, I noticed notable positive changes to my sleeping patterns and stress/anxiety levels. I take this product twice a day, and have made it a priority in my health and wellness routine. I am grateful for J&J’s active, knowledgeable, and thoughtful customer service, and recommend this product as well as their topical treatments without hesitation!

Alex L


Quality of Life Enhancement

I ordered the Bee Buzzin' Salve after really liking the Sleep Sweet Salve. Jimbo & Jules salves have now become part of my daily routine. Wake up, Bee Buzzin', go to bed, Sleep Sweet. I get compliments all the time on the scent.

Steve Walsh


Bee Buzzin'

My daughter recommended Bee Easy Blend for neck stiffness and pain, but I told her to fuggetaboutit. Fortunately she's as stubborn as I am and made me try it . It's the only thing that seems to work on my neck. I just ordered another bottle. This stuff is great!

Neil Goldberg


Pleasantly Surprised

I very rarely write reviews for products unless I truly believe in them. The Sleep Sweet by Jimbo & Jules is that kind of product!! Recently introduced to it, Sleep Sweet was unmatched by any pain relieving CBD product and the Essential Oil Blend helped me not only get to sleep quickly but gave me a solid sleep! I am sold on this great product and highly recommend it to all!! Thank you Jimbo & Jules!!

Sleep Sweet


Amazing Product!!!

Sleep Sweet is simply amazing!!! Thank you both for this great product!!! I have been free of pain and sleep better then I have in a long time!!! The aroma and fragrance is so peaceful and the best part is “IT WORKS!!!” Thank you and you have me as a long time happy customer!!!

Bill Healy


I put the salve on my face after I shower and I wake up with the dewiest* face ever! Honestly my favorite product for my face I've ever used.

Kari Quinn


My favorite!

I am very happy with this product. I was experiencing some pain in my wrist for a couple weeks and this salve has been a great natural alternative to medications I might otherwise have taken. It also smells fantastic.

Steve Walsh


Five Stars

Yesterday I had to bike miles & miles for work, & then had a nice & heavy deep squat set at the gym, and when I finally got home my knee hurt! But taking no more than a nickel-sized amount I rubbed it in & within minutes... what pain? This stuff is phenomenal!!!

Sam Cook