Crafted to soothe achy joints & muscles, & encourage healthy blood flow after injury

For Your Body

Lab Tested
Sustainably Sourced
Full Spectrum

For The Bees

Every purchase contributes to our

Conscious Garden Project, working to restore our relationship with nature, one garden at a time

How to use our Roll-Ons

Step 1: Apply roll-on to areas of pain, irritation or discomfort

Step 2: Massage into skin

Step 3: Cup hands over nose, inhale deeply

Step 4: Smile & relax as the CBD & essential oils

absorb, working their therapeutic magic

The Good Buzz:

Use Bee Buzzin' first thing in the morning, before a workout, or mid-day at the office to stimulate & elevate



Jojoba Oil 

Shea Butter 

 Hemp Seed Oil 

Olive Oil 

Vitamin E 

Coconut Oil 

Moringa Oil 

Full-Spectrum CBD 

Fractionated Coconut Oil 

Bee Buzzin' Essential Oil Blend 

Peppermint Lemongrass Eucalyptus

Cypress Cedarwood Rosemary Grapefruit

Why Full-Spectrum CBD?

Hemp has been revered throughout

human history for its natural healing power.

It is currently being researched for its ability to:

Ease Anxiety

Support Restful Sleep

Encourage Relaxation

Soothe Pain & Inflammation

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils harness the power of natural compounds

 that evolved in plants over thousands of years, & can have profound effects on both mind & body

The Synergy

Together, Full-Spectrum CBD & Essential Oils combine to create a benefit greater than the sum of their parts

What Our Customers Say...


What you put on your body should be as intentional as what you put in your body!


Our products are comprised of all natural, chemical free, & sustainably & ethically-sourced ingredients.


You already know we love bees; well, we love all other animals too, so the only animals we test on are ourselves.